Youtube tag is important and you need to make a habit of filling out the tags much as you can.  Tags alone doesn’t do any good.  But along with other optimization methods, it will definitely help optimize your Youtube video to get more views.  I posted about 11 things you should do after uploading your Youtube video to optimize your video.  Take a look at the post when you haven’t done so.

I know coming up with tags for your video is pain-in-the-butt. But there some free tools available to help you come up with tags words for your video.  Previously, I talked about using Google Keyword Planner to help come up with tag keywords.  Using Google Keyword Planner tool is great way to come up with the tags, and it is free.

But that is not the only way. Another way to get tags is steal from your competitor’s video.  Here is how:

1. Find Youtube video that is similar to your video

It is important that you find video that is similar to your video.  Also if you can, find very popular video with lots views and subscribers.

2. View Page Source

Now go to your competitor’s Youtube page.  Right click on the Youtube page and go to “View Page Source”.  Be sure to NOT to RIGHT click on the video itself.  Best to RIGHT click on white space below the video.  This example is using Chrome browsers, but View Page Source option is available on all the browsers.


3. Search for “keywords

The source page shouldn’t make any sense to you.  It is the back-end source code page.  But inside this massive source code, there are tags embedded in it and all we have to do is search for it.

There are different way to search for tags depends on what kind of browser you use.  For Chrome browser, go to menu on top corner of the browser, and go to FIND.


For Internet Explore, go to Control Panel on top corner of the browser, go to FILE, and go to FIND ON THIS PAGE.



It doesn’t matter what kind of browser you are using.  Search function is easy to find and easy to use.

What you are searching for is the word “keywords”


4. Copy Tag Keywords

Next to the search result “keyword” are the tags that the competitor’s video is using.


You can copy this and put it on your tag section.

5. Final Thoughts

It is simple as that.  Just remember that, by copying tags doesn’t magically make your your video popular and get more views.  That is not how it works. But it does give you idea what others are using for the tags and it will help you find your own tags.  Good luck!

How To Steal Youtube Tags from Other Videos

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