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1. Titles

Title is most important thing you can do to make your video standout and rank high in Youtube ranking.  You need to think carefully how you title your video.  The key is to use words that are easy to understand and attention grabbing.

First thing you need to ask yourself what is your video about?  Can you describable your video using few keywords?  If your video is about a product, place or activity, it will be easy.  But if your video is about random things, it might be difficult to come up with few keywords that describe your video.

Second, you need to grab people’s attention.   Here are few examples of titles you might possible use to grab people’s attention.

  • How to Make the Best bread without oven?
  • 7 Easy Ways to Write a blog!
  • 15 Diets Do’s and Don’ts!
  • Top Coffee maker under $100 review
  • 2 Quick and Easy Way to Create lemon cake!
  • Grandma’s Meatloaf made Easy
  • The Best Ever Photography Video!
  • The top Ten Fashion Mistakes you need to avoid!

You noticed that phrases such as “how to”, “top”, “review” and numbers–lots of numbers.

In order to help you find these attention grabbing and popular titles, you can try some of these titles you are working on in Youtube and see what kind of result you are getting.  The search result might give you some more ideas you can try.

But what if your video is about nothing or random things?  These type of videos are very difficult to optimize and rank in Youtube.  What you can try is find an interesting part of the video and use that as your title.  You can even exaggerate little bit to get some attention.  If you find yourself having too many videos about random things, you might have to think about creating more topical videos in the future to mix things up.  Topic videos are easy to optimize which means it will give you more views and thus leads to more subscribers.

2. Description

The description field on the YouTube is very important because it helps the viewer what the video is about.  But more importantly, it helps YouTube to figure out what the video is about so it can rank it accordingly.  It is recommended that you write 300-500 words description for your video using the keywords from your title.  Pay special attention to first line of the description because this is the description that people will see right away without clicking “more”.

For example, if your video is about a product, you give detail information about the product including all the helpful links. If your video is about random things you did, you can put down detail synapses about what you did and give much information as possible.

At the end of the description, don’t forget to promote your channel by asking viewers to subscribe and give them link to subscribe.  Also, be sure to post all your contact information, social media links, and if you have a website, give them your website link.  This can be copy and paste into every video you upload, so be sure to come up with comprehensive list of all the things you want to promote.

3. Tags

Tag is also important.  Not as important as Title and Description, but you need to making a habit of filling out the tags much as you can. It will definitely help in terms of Youtube ranking which leads to more views for your video.  Many people avoid filling the tags because, it is pain-in-the-butt to come up with all the different keywords that is relating to your video.  But there some free tools available to help you come up with tags words for your video.

Google Keywords Planner

In my last post, I wrote an article about using Google Keyword Planning Tool to come up with tags for your video.  Google Keyword Planning Tool is part of Google Adwords.  Keyword Planner Tool can help you come up with related keywords using your main keywords. It also tells you how many people are searching for these related keywords.  So the idea is to use only the popular keywords for your tags. This will definitely help increase the chance of your video ranking higher in Youtube.

Youtube Auto-suggest

Google Keyword Planner isn’t only tool that can help you come up with tags.  You can use Youtube Auto-Suggest to come up with different tags keywords.  Auto-suggest is when Youtube helps you complete the search words for you.  All you have to do is start typing search terms in Youtube search box.


Steal from Competitor’s Video

Another way to get tags keywords is steal from your competitor’s video.  I wrote an detail article on how to do.  It is very easy to do.

4. Thumbnail

It is important that when you choose an image for your thumbnail, you need to choose the image accurately and wisely.  When you create your thumbnail, think about these three things in mind. First, thumbnails should accurately portray the content in the video.  Second, thumbnails should get your audience excited about watching the video.  Lately, thumbnails need to draw the attention of your audience.

You’ll be surprise how many videos are out there that doesn’t have thumbnail.  When you have a thumbnail for your video, your video will stick out from the rest, and the viewers will be more likely to click on your video.

There are two ways to get your image for your thumbnail.  You can do screenshot from the video and use it as your thumbnail image, or you can take nice picture just for your thumbnail.  When you choose your image for your thumbnail, be sure to find a image that has empty space so you can insert title of your video later on.  It is best to use closeup picture of yourself or other people in the video.

Be sure to add title of your video in the thumbnail.  Make it nice and big so viewers can easily see it. You can use any of your favorite photo editing software to create your thumbnail.  I find Photoshop very easy to use for thumbnail. But it doesn’t have to be Photoshop. There are also few free online photo editing tools such as PicMonkeyCanvas, and Adobe Sparks which make it easy to create your thumbnail.

5. Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is links that you place at the end of your video which tells the viewers what to do next.  Using Call-to-Action, you can suggest your viewers to watch another similar video or make it easy for them to subscribe to your Channel.  I can’t stress enough how important Call-to-action is. Now Youtube makes it easy to setup Call-to-action on your video.  It’s called “End screen & Annotations”.


Some of the things you can insert for your Call-to-action is link to other videos, subscribe button, link to other channel, and link to website you want to promote.  In order to put a link to an external website, you have to go through verification process.  Two things you should insert on every video is Subscribe button and link to other videos that is related to your current video.  If there is no related videos, you can always let Youtube put the latest video for you.


6. Branding

Branding is something you do it once, but many people forget to do this.  Branding is little water mark in the corner of your video. Viewers can subscribe to your channel by click on the branding water mark.  It is another easy way for viewers to subscribe to your channel and it is something you should enable it on your channel.  Enabling it is very easy to do.


In order to enable branding, just go to your video manager page.  Branding option is under Channel section.


There you upload your branding logo. Your branding logo should be 800×800.  Make your branding logo simple.

7. Monetize (Optional)

It is up to you to monetize your video or not. If you are not sure, why not just do it.  There is nothing to lose and you’ll make some extra cash.  Amount of money you can make is totally up to how many views you get.  So more views  you get, more money you make.

If you decided to monetize your video, you first have to create an account with Google Adsense.  Adsense is free to set up.  Adsense is where you get paid.  You will need either a PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address in order to have your account verified.

In order to monetize your video, just go to your Video Manager.  It is under Channel section.


If you decided to monetize your video, make sure you video don’t have any copyrighted music and any other copyrighted contents.   If you have copyrighted materials in your video, Youtube will find out.  They will flag you and disable monetization for that video.

8. Close Caption (Optional)

Close caption is something you should think about doing if you are creating a video with lots of useful information .  Close caption is another way for Youtube to find out what your video is about so that they can rank it properly.  Only down side is that a creating close caption for your video is time consuming.  Youtube can help you create a close caption for you, but you have go through it and make sure it is correct.  Youtube doesn’t do a good job transcribing your video, so you end up correcting the most of the close caption.

In order to enable Close Caption, just go to your video and click on “Subtitles & CC”.


You can enable automatic close caption and then edit them after.  That is the easiest way to create your close caption instead of creating from scratch.


9. Pingler.com (Optional)

Pingler.com is free website where they ping your website including your  Youtube video.  Some say that running Pingler on your Youtube channel can help you optimize your video.  I can’t really confirm or deny this.  But it is something you can try on your video after you upload.  It is free and it takes few seconds to run it.  This is completely optional.

10. Create a Playlist (Optional)

To help optimize your video, you can create a playlist for your video.  Make the title of your playlist similar to your video using same keywords.  Include your video along with other popular videos of same topic.  Optimizing using Playlist works best if your video is focused on one thing.  If your video is about random things about your life, it is probably not wroth doing it.  For example, if you create a review video about certain laptop model, create a playlist and include other popular review videos about the same product. This is completely optional.

Creating a playlist is pretty easy.  Go to your video manager. Under Video Manager, go to Playlists.


11. Tell your friends and family

At the end, most of important part of promoting your video is having others watch your video.  So at the end, you just have to tell everyone you know about the video you just uploaded and have them watch and support you.  You can call them, email them, or tell them in person.  You can also use social medias to reach out to everyone you know.

12. Post on your social medias

If you haven’t create social media accounts just for your Youtube channel, you should consider doing it. It is best way to promote your videos to people you don’t know. Twitter is most easiest way to promote your video. Check out the article about about promote your video using your Twitter.

Other popular social medias that people uses are Facebook and Google+.  You can also experiment with social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

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