So you finished your vlog and uploaded to Youtube.  Now you have to fill in video title, description, and tags.  The question is, what the heck do I do with tags.  According to YouTube, tagging is something you should do on every video you upload.  It is one of the most important ways to rank your video in YouTube search results. Youtube tags help users find your video when they search the site.

You might have already noticed that it is pain-in-the-butt to think about all the tag keywords related to your video.  Some times it is very difficult to come up with all the keywords about your video in one shot. This is reason why you should use Google Keyword Planner tool to come up with Youtube tag keywords.

What is Keyword Planner Tool

Keyword Planner Tool is part of Google Adwards. Google AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.  Keyword Planner Tool is there to help search for popular keywords for the advertisers.  But Keyword planner isn’t just for advertisers.  It can also help you find popular keywords you can use on your tags for your Youtube channel.

In order to use Keyword Planner tool, you first needs account with Adwards.  It is free to signup but you might have to put in your credit card information.  Long as you don’t advertise on Google, you won’t be charged.  Soon as you have account with Adwards, you are free to use Keyword Planner Tool any time you want.  You can sign up for Google Adwards here.

How to use Keyword Planner Tool

When you have account with Adwards, go ahead and sign in.  You can find Keyword Planner tool under TOOLS menu.


Inside Keyword Planner tool, click on “Search for new keywords using a phase, website or category”  This is very helpful tool that will find a related keyword for your video.  These related keywords can be used as tags for your video on your Youtube Channel.


For example, if your video is about a weight loss, you can put in the keyword “weight loss” in “Your product or service”

Be sure to click on “Keyword Options” and turn on “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”, and click SAVE.

When you are done, click on “Get Idea” to start searching for related keywords.


Once you get the search result, you are only looking at Keyword, and Avg. Monthly searches columns These new related keywords are your tags for your video.  You can copy each one of new related keywords and paste on your tags section of your Youtube channel.  Also monthly searches are helpful because it tell you how many people are searching for these keywords.  So you are copy only the popular keywords.  So you might be asking how many searches are considered popular? What defines popular keywords is all up to you.  If your search result isn’t much, you are going to use all the keywords in your search result even if monthly search is less then 10.  But if you get thousands of search result, you are going to use Monthly search over 1000 or more.  So it is just up to you.


If you don’t like the search result, you can always try to use different keywords or different words phrasing and see if you get better results.

Just remember that Youtube allows only 500 characters for your tags.  Also try to avoid duplicate tags.

Using Keyword Planner to Create a Video

Another way to use Keyword Planner tool is to look for popular keywords before you create your video.  When you have idea for a video, check with Keyword Planner to see if the video topic is popular.  Another words, check to see if there are lots of people search for that topic. Reason for doing this is to make sure you get lots of views for your video.  If you create a video with topic that is not so popular, no matter how good your video is, you won’t get too many views.  (That is if you don’t have many subscribers.)

The idea is to create a video with popular topic and optimize your video for Youtube, so that the people can easily search for your video.  Optimizing your video for Youtube is whole another topic we can discuss later on.  At the end, what you want is lots of views for your video.  Is that the reason why you are creating your video?

Final thoughts

Just remember that putting popular tags won’t make your video #1 ranking in Youtube search.  It is lot more complicated than that.  Youtube optimization involves lot more than just putting tags keywords.  But this is something you should do for every video you upload.

Just remember that the tags keywords need to be some what relate to your video.  If you put popular tags that is not relate to your video, it will backfire.  Youtube will find you and penalize you.  It isn’t worth it.

Just remember that keyword tags works the best if your video is about certain topic.  If your video is daily vlog and random things you do, it will be pretty difficult to find keywords and your tags words won’t do any good.

Good luck!

Find Your Youtube Tags using Google Keyword Planner Tool

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