Just like everyone else, I’ve been using social media for a while now.  I’ve been using social media mostly to follow celebrities and catching up with friends.  But I am learning that social media isn’t just an app to follow friends and celebrities.  It is very powerful tool to promote your business.  In this case your Youtube channel.  There are many social media platforms are out there, but Twitter is the most powerful social media of all.  It has the largest active communities and it is one platform where you can grow your followers fast and easily.  In this article, I am going to show you how to grow your Youtube channel using Twitter.

The strategy is creating a Twitter account just for your Youtube channel.  Once the Twitter account is created, you start populating your Twitter with interesting posts and start growing community of followers.  It is very easy to grow your Twitter followers. The idea is when you follow a user, they will follow back.  Not everyone will follow back but big many will.  Once they follow you, you put an auto-direct message to the new followers telling them about your Youtube channel.

I think the biggest challenge is finding those who will be interested in your Youtube channel. For example, If you have makeup channel, you don’t want to follow men who love sports.  They are not the right audience for your Twitter account. In order to see result, you need to identify and find those who will be interested in your Youtube channel.

1. Creating Twitter account for your Youtube channel

First step is to create Twitter account for you Youtube channel.  Name your channel similar to your Youtube channel.  Make sure your Twitter profile page is presentable.  This means, it has nice profile picture and banner graphics.  At this point, you should already made your Youtube channel presentable.  So make your Twitter account profile page similar to your Youtube page.

Here is example of my Youtube channel and how my Twitter profile page looks like.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-01

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-02

2. Grow your Twitter

Next step is to growing your twitter account which means increase those who are following your Twitter account.  Ideally, you want to grow your Twitter account organically.  But that is very difficult to do when you first starting out.  So you need a bit of kick start.  The strategy is pretty simple. You start following other users and they will follow you back.  Your goal is, later on, make your Twitter grow organically.

When I first learned about this method, I was a skeptic.  I didn’t think it would works. So I had to try it for myself.  Just like many of you out there, I already had my existing personal Twitter account.  I set up the account while back and I had less then 200 followers.  So I decided to use the technique to grow this account.  At the end of the month, I was able to grow my account to 1k followers.  I kept going.  Few months later, I had 2k followers.  I was surprised how easy it was to grow the followers.  I was surprised that the technique actually worked.  Thinking that this might be just a fluke, I decided to create a brand new Twitter account with 0 followers and decided to do it again.  And of course, few months later, I was able to grow the followers from 0 to 2k. As of Jun 2016, I was able to grow from 0 to over 4k.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-09

I am going to show you in detail what I did.

3. Understand your audience

Before anything, you need to figure out what kind of people would be interested in your Youtube channel.  If your Youtube channel is specialized in a topic, it would be easy to figure out.  For example, if your Youtube channel is about makeup, you would know who are your audience is. It would be lot more difficult if your Youtube channel is all over the place.  If your Youtube channel is prank channel, plus music channel, and a fashion channel, it would be difficult to pint point an audience.  If this is the case, you might want to break up your Youtube channel so each channel deals with certain topics and thus have it’s own audiences.  If not, you just have to do your best to find a crow of people for you need to target.

Best way to find these audiences is find another Twitter account that is similar to you.  You want to find some one who has very large audience.  If you have prank channel, you want to look for another very popular prank channel and see if they have Twitter account.  If the Twitter account has 100 followers, it won’t be any help to you.  But if the Twitter account has 100k followers, you are able to follow these followers.  If you can find more than one Twitter accounts that is similar in topic with your Youtube channel.  More the better.

4. Follow using Tweepi

Next step is to start following users from Twitter account that is similar to yours.  Now if you trying to do this manually, this can be very painful. So you need a tool to help you out and make things bit easier.  Tweepi is the tool you need and it is FREE.  Twitter set a limit on how many people you can follow per day.  Tweepi will tell you when you need to stop.  Twitter will let you follow total of 2000 followers.  So follow many people as you can until you hit the limit.  You’ll noticed that they will follow you back.  Not everyone will follow you back, but good 10-30% will follow you back.  After you follow 2000 users, Twitter uses following-followers ratio to set new limit.  So once you have good enough people following you back, you can start following users over 2000 users.

Hopefully you already singed up for Tweepi free account.  Go ahead and login to Tweepi. Once you login,  you’ll see FOLLOW FOLLOWERS option.  Click on it.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-03

Here you type is popular Twitter account that is similar to you.  For example, if you are targeting sports fans, you want to follow followers of ESPN Twitter account.  Type in @espn for ESPN Twitter account.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-04

Now you’ll see list of all the followers who are following the targeted Twitter account.  In this example, ESPN Twitter account.  Now just go down the list and start clicking FOLLOW button. Good thing about it is that once you click on FOLLOW button, it will land on next account, so you can quickly go through the list very fast. Once you are done, you can go to the next page and continue to follow followers.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-05

Pay attention to indicator bar on top of the page.  This indicator tells you how many users you can follow on same session.  Follow users until it reaches the end.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-06

5. Unfollow using Unfollow.com

After you follow bunch of people, wait few days for them to follow you back.  Once you wait about a week, it’s time for you to unfollow those who are not following you back. So you can make room to follow more new people.  Before, you are able to unfollow from Tweepi, but recently, they have discontinued this feature.  So you need to use different tool.  Tool I’ve been using is UNFOLLOW.COM. (Now it’s called StatusBrew.com)  It is another free tool.

There is limitation for using free service.  For instance, you can only log into one Twitter account at a time.  So if you have more then one Twitter account, you have to logout and log back in every time you want to switch to different Twitter account.  Also you can only unfollow 100 users per day.  These limitations aren’t big deal.  It is something you can work with.  But if you find it inconvenient, you can always sign up for paid account.

UNFOLLOW.COM is very easy to use.  You don’t have to create an account with them. First you login into your Twitter account.  Then open up another browser and go to UNFOLLOW.COM.  Then just click on Login button.  It will automatically connect to your Twitter account.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-10

Once you login and connected to your Twitter account, on the left column, you will see NOT FOLLOW BACK option. Go there.


Make sure you choose ASC (ascend) from SORT BY menu.  So that you will unfollow those from the bottom.  You see, when you follow new users, they will go on the top of the list.  So you want to unfollow users who has been lingering around for while on the bottom of the list.  You need to give new followers time to follow you back.


Now all you have to do is click on big red UNFOLLOW button to unfollow them. Once you click on the button, it will go to next UNFOLLOW button automatically, so you can go through the list very fast.


Don’t forget, you can only unfollow 1oo users per day.  There is indicator on top corner of the site which tells you how many users you have unfollowed.

6. Post interesting contents and engage with followers

In order to really grow your Twitter followers, you have to take some time to manage your Twitter account.  This means, you have post interesting contents in your Twitter account daily, and interact with followers.  This is necessary in order to continue grow your account organically in the future.

Post interesting contents every day can be stressful.  It shouldn’t be.  Posting  contents can be easiest thing you can do.  So here is little trick you can follow.  Twitter is also one of the biggest search engine.  So go ahead and search Twitter for topic that your audience might be interested in.  Go through the search results and find something that’s interesting to you.  If you find something, go ahead and re-post them instead of Re-tweeting them.  If it is interesting article, just copy the link and create your own post using the link.  If it is cool photos, just download the photos and re-post it on your account.

You need to post at least one post a day.  More the better.  Use hash tag on your post.  You don’t need go crazy over hashtag.  Just few of the popular hashtags that is relating to your posting will do.  If you can, attach photos to all your posts. People are drawn to photos.

Also you have to engage with the followers.  Ask them question, comment on their posts, and reply if they talk to you.  Also re-twit post from your followers.  The idea is to create a community.  You have to let your followers know what you are a real person.

7. Repeat everyday

Repeat this process, everyday, Mon-Fri.  Take about 10-15 minuets everyday to manage your Twitter account. You can take a break on weekend.  Twitter world slows down on weekends. Who says growing followers is easy, but if you keep this up, you’ll see your Twitter account grow.  You just have to understand that not every account grows in the same way. Some account may take faster then others.  It is all depends on the audiences you are targeting. But eventually, you’ll see result.  Also, make note that not all the followers are real followers. There will be many spam accounts.  But as you grow your account, more and more real followers will follow your account. So don’t be discouraged.

8. Setup auto-message to new followers

Last step is set up auto-message for your Twitter account so when the new followers follow you, they will get a direct message.  In the message, you tell them about your vlog and put a link there so they can check it out.

Setting up auto-message is very easy using Unfollow.com, and you can do it for FREE.  Once you login to UNFOLLOW, there is AUTOMATE option in top left corner of the site.  This is where you setup auto-message.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-07

Check the box “Automatically send welcome Direct Message..”  Down below, write a welcoming message.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel Subscription using Twitter-08

Tell the new follower about your vlog and give them the link so they can click it.  Here is an example:

“Thanks for following me. We have weekly/daily vlog. Come check us out. <link>”

When you are done, just click SAVE on the bottom of the page.  And that’s all!  If you have another Twitter account, you can test it by following the Twitter page you created.


There is no magic trick to increase your subscription on your Youtube channel.  Only way to do this is hard work, dedication, and patience.  But this is something you can try. It will definitely help.  You’ll find out it is very difficult to get your Youtube channel off the ground in the beginning.  So you need all the help you can get to get started.  Hopefully this will give you little boast and make your experience bit easier.  Give this a try and let me know if you have any question or comments.

How to Grow your Youtube Channel using Twitter

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