Use Twitter to Promote your Youtube

Twitter is very good place to promote your vlog or Youtube channel.  If you don’t have Twitter account to promote your Youtube channel, you can always create one.  Also, you can easily grow your followers.  Here is post on how to grow your Twitter account to promote your Youtube channel.

One of the way to promote your video is to make short trailer or clips of the video from your channel and upload to Twitter.  But you might find yourself having problem uploading your video to Twitter. You might be getting “Your media file could not be processed” error.
The problem is not what you did. Most likely the problem is because Twitter is very pick about the format of the video you upload.   In order to successfully upload your video, most likely, you have to re-render the video to specifically for Twitter video format.  In this video, I am going to show you how to do it.

In this video, I will be using Sony Vegas Pro 13.  But the concept applies to many other video editing software.

Twitter Video Format

In order to get best result, I recommend following video format.

  • HD video 720p (1280 x 720) For square video : 1280 x 1280
  • 40 fps (frame per second)
  • For best result, video should be around 1 minuet long. (Max Time:  2 minutes and 20 seconds )
  • File Type: MP4 or MOV
  • File Size: Under 1GB recommended

If you video doesn’t have this format, you need to re-render your video.

How to Re-render your video in Sony Vegas Pro 13

 1. Import your video you like to upload to Twitter.

Easiest way to import your video is go to EXPLORE TAB, find the video to import, and drag into the timeline.

Or you can go to FILE > IMPORT > MEDIA

2. Change the video properties

Change the video property.  You can change the video property by click on VIDEO PROPERTIES button.

Go to VIDEO tab.  Start from choosing the HD 720p-50p template.  Now change the following setting:

Most important setting is Frame Rate.  Change the frame rate to 40.0000.

From this point on, the setting are to make the rending go smooth on Sony Vegas Pro 13.

  • Pixel Format: 32-bit floating point (full range)
  • View transform: OFF
  • Full resolution rendering quality : BEST
  • Deinterlace method: NONE

Click OK to finish and save the project.

3. Rendering setting

Now it is time to render.  To render, go to FILE and RENDER AS.  Start with Rendering Template Internet HD 720p, and click on Customize Template.

Make following changes to rendering setting.

Start with Internet HD 720p tempate.

  • Profile: HIGH
  • Frame rate: 40.000
  • Uncheck “allow source to adjust frame rate”
  • Choose “Constant bit rate (bps)” and choose 10,000,000.

Finally, choose “Rending using OpenCL if available”  This optional.  If your PC supports OpenCL, I recommend you to use it since it render faster and better.

If you are not sure if your PC has OpenCl availbe, you can check it by going to SYSTEM tab and click on Check GPU button.

Once it is done, click OK.

Now give it a file name and RENDER.

4. Upload to Twitter

When the render is done.  Try to upload the newly rendered video file again.

If you are continue to have problem with uploading, try using Chrome browser.  Chrome browser, somehow, works the best.

Good Luck!

How to upload video to Twitter (Using Sony Vegas Pro 13)

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