What is ClickBank?

ClickBank was founded in 1998. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

ClickBank is one of the popular market place for affiliate marketers because it pays up 90% of the commission. What stands out from other affiliate program is that ClickBank is known for selling digital products.  Most of the digital products are “how-to” products.

What is the plan?

The big question is can you still making money from ClickBank in 2017 without creating a website? That is why I decided to test to see if Clickbank really works.  One thing I didn’t want to do is buy domain name and web hosting to create a website to sell one product.  I felt like that was waste of money.  My other option was to create a Youtube video about the product.

Using Youtube video makes sense to me because it wouldn’t me cost any money up front.  Since I’ve been already making Youtube video before, I already have the camera and editing software to work with. It was right thing to do.

I’m sure there are many out there who are doing the same thing–creating video to make money from ClickBank.  So what I wanted to do to stand out from the others is to create a very good video that really explains the product.  This means that I have to really use the product, test it, and spend enough time to evaluate the product.

Find product you are interested in

Obviously, first thing you have to do is sign up with ClickBank.  Creating an account is free.  Once you sign up, browse through the market place and looks for product that is interest to you. Since you need to spend time going evaluating the product, might as well find a product that you can learn from.

It is important to find a product that actually sells.  ClickBank has large catalog of digital products and many of them are junk.  But there are some popular products that people are actually buying.  We need to find these products.

To get started, login to your ClickBank account and go to MARKETPLACE.

Pick the categories of your choice and the sub-categories to get to the product you want to sell.

Simplest way to see which product is selling is to look at the GRAVITY of each product.  GRAVITY is special formula set up ClickBank to tell you how well the product is doing on the market place.

GRAVITY is a number from 0 to 100.  0 means the product is not so popular.  100 means the product is very popular. You can filter only the product with minimal GRAVITY number of 5 or more.  Any thing less than 5 isn’t really worth of your time.  Remember, higher the GRAVITY, there will be more competition thus it will be difficult to sell.  So you want to find something in the middle.

Contact the creator and get free evulation copy

Ideally, you want to find few products that you are interested in.  Because the next step is to contact each creator of the product and see if they would let you have free copy of the product to evaluate.  The point is not to spend money buying these product to sell.  Besides, some of the product isn’t cheap. Since it is digital product, it is easy for creator to give you a copy to evaluate.

Contact information is in the ClickBank market place. When you contact the creator, you just tell them that you are an affiliate and your want to sell the product, and you want to evaluate the product first.

It might be bit difficult for you to get free evaluation if you doing this for the first time, but it isn’t impossible.  If you already have some kind of Youtube channel already set up and has some videos in it, it should help.  You need to convince the creators that you are serious about selling their products.

Not everyone will let you have the free copy.  But you don’t give up.  You keep on trying different product until someone will say “YES”.

Evaluate the product

Once you get a free copy to evaluate, take time to really test out the product.  You need to be honest about the product and see if the product really does what it say it will do.  You need to evaluate to see if the product is worth buying.  This takes time.

Creating a video

This is most difficult part specially when you haven’t created a video before.  Creating a video is a skill and you can get better when you practice.  As you continue to create a video, you’ll get better.  There are so many free help available in Youtube and different social media group.

It doesn’t cost any money to create a video.  you can always use your smart phone to shoot video.  Now day everyone has smartphones and most of the smartphones have excellent video camera.  Also there are many free video editing softwares available to download.  So there is no excuse to start making videos.

If you have never edit a video before, you have to commit to a video editor and practice.  Start creating videos to practice until you feel comfortable.

Here are some tips for making video.

  • Before shooting the video, quickly do pre-production by figure out how you are going to layout the video.  You may want to ask these questions: What are you going to talk about?  What are some of the issues you faced that will be helpful?  Where are you going to shoot? Are there good lights? How can you get the best audio for your video?
  • What are you going to talk about?  It might be good idea to write down things you want to say, specially if you are doing it for the first time.  But if you are having hard time talking in front of camera, you might want to go far as word by word script.
  • It is more engaging to the audience if the audience see your face.
  • Try to use screenshot of the product and show much as you can what the product can do.
  • Remember that you are going to edit things later, so if you make a mistake, just start over from beginning of the sentence.  You don’t have to do it from the start of the video.
  • Make the video short as possible with all the points covered.  If you are not sure you need to keep certain shots or not, chances are, you probably don’t need it.  If are pausing between words, you need to cut all the silences out. So the it flows quickly.
  • Get to the point quickly as possible in the beginning of the video.  Avoid long intro.
  • Good audio is key to good video.  Make sure you have good audio and talk slow and clearly.  Be sure to look at the camera.  If you are having hard time with this, don’t get discouraged.  Just keep practicing.  I promise you, you’ll get better.
  • Make sure, at the end, engage with the audiences by asking them to subscribe and leave a comments.

Create link to ClickBank

After you upload your video, it is important to link your video to ClickBank.  So after viewers have watched your video, they have chance buy the product.  In order to do that, you have to get a link from ClickBank.  This customized link track all the activities from the link so ClickBank can pay you when someone purchases the product.

Getting the Link from ClickBank is pretty simple.  When you take a look at the creator’s page, there is big red PROMOTE button.  Click it.

Then you put your login ID and click CREATE

It will generate the link you need to use. It is important that you use this link, so that ClickBank can pay you if someone buy from this link.

When you have the link, you can use URL shortener to shrink the link and post it on first line of your Youtube description.  There are many URL shorteners you can use.  They are all free and you can easily find it when you “google” it.  My favorite is TinyLink.

Promote video

Once you upload your video and create a link, you need to promote your video.  The idea is to rank your video high in Youtube search engine.  This is much easier than trying to ranking high in Google search engine for your website.

There are few things you can do to really help you optimize your video so that it will rank high in Youtube search engine. Take a look at this very helpful article – 11 Things You Should Do Right After You Upload Your Video to YouTube.

At the end, have to really take time to promote your video.  Easiest way is to promote it through many different social media platforms. You should even trying to ask your friends and family to watch the videos.

The result

So, can you still make money using ClickBank without a website? Answer is YES.

I uploaded my first video on May 2016.  For many months after, nothing really happened.  After 3-4 months, I really didn’t think I was going to make any money at all.  But on November 2016, I made some money.  I made about $4.  It wasn’t much but I was really surprised that it actually made some money. It wasn’t actually a sale but more of referral fee.  On December 2016, I made my first sale and made $98. The product that I sold has about 75% commission rate and the product sales about $100. So each sale is a big deal.

But one thing you should know about ClickBank is that you won’t get the check until you sold more than 5 products.  This is because they want you to actually sale the product, but just buy for yourself.

After I sold the first product, I didn’t see anymore activity for few months, so I thought I would never see the money.

But on February 2017, I did my third sale.  Eventually, I was able to sold 5 products and able to get my money.  I couldn’t believe it actually worked.

At the time of writing, I was able to make $385.71 from one video.

When I looked at the video, it has over 5000 views and over 64 LIKES.  Also there was more than 43 comments, and most of them commented how they liked the video and that it was very helpful. The video was actually helping people decided if they want to buy the product or not.  So the video did what it supposed to do.

Final tips

There are lots of people who are doing this but most of them are trying to make quick bucks.  They are not putting any effort on their videos.  Many of them didn’t even evaluated the product at all. You need to understand that there is no such thing as easy money.  In order to make this into legit passive income for long time, you have to actually spend time and put some effort into it.

Just remember that success is all based on how good the product is and how good your video is.  There is chance that after you put all the efforts on making a video, you might not make any sales.  But you shouldn’t be discouraged.  Even though you might not make any sale, at lease you get to use the product for free and hopefully you get to better yourself from the product.  So it’s not completely waste of time.

Once you finished your first video, it is much easier to get free copy of the product for next video. Because now you have a track record.  So all you have to do is just show them your first video you made. Your goal is to continue to find more products to sale and continue to make videos.  Because you’ll get better each time, and eventually, you’ll make some money.

Good luck!

If you have any question about this, just leave your question at the comments below.

Can you still make money using ClickBank using Youtube?

6 thoughts on “Can you still make money using ClickBank using Youtube?

  • August 24, 2018 at 8:08 am

    Many people say that it isn’t allowed to post direct clickbank affiliate links into description under the video and that your video/account can be deleted by youtube. But your article says other way around. At this point im confused.

    • August 28, 2018 at 7:06 pm

      I never heard that they can’t have the clickbank link on the Youtube description. If there is such a rule, I had the video up for almost 2 years and i didn’t get any complains from Youtube yet.

    • August 28, 2018 at 7:08 pm

      I know that there are lots of spammy videos just to make quick bucks using clickbank. Be sure to avoid such spammy videos. If you like to try to do this, be sure to spend some evualating the product carefully and some time to create a good and high quality video that you can help people with.

  • November 26, 2018 at 8:59 pm

    True if you wanna make money, add value first. Give people great service they will give you money in return.


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