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Finding a right music for your vlog and Youtube video is very important.  But finding a right music can be very challenging.  As you know, Youtube is very picky about what music you can use in your vlog and video.  We can’t blame them.  They just don’t want to deal with all the copyright infringement problem with the artists.  Youtube has huge catalog of all the copyright music in their system and if you ended up using it in your video, Youtube will flag you and in worest case, they might even ban you.  In previous post, I wrote about how you can check to see if you can use the music in your Youtube video.  Fortunately, there are many place you can download free music to use in your video.  These royalty  music which means you have given right to use the songs without the need to pay royalties or license fees. Another words, you can use these music in Youtube without getting in trouble.  You can even monetize your video using it.

Youtube music library

If you are starting out Youtube Music Library is good place to start.  Youtube music library is collection of free music you can use in your Youtube.  There are two types of music in Youtube Music Library: music with attribution required, music with attribution not required.  Attribution required just mean, you can use the music in your video and even monetize but you have to give the credit to the artist in the description.

Vimeo music library

Just like Youtube, Vimeo has it’s own library of music you can use on your video. Some you may have to purchase bu most of them are free to use.  But you need account with Vimeo.  You can make account with Vimeo for free.



There are many artists who post their music in Youtube for us to use in your vlogs and video. Only thing they ask of you is to give the artists a credit for the song.  Here are few of my favorites:

If you are not sure how to convert and download Youtube video to mp3 and use it in your editing software, here is instruction on how to do it.


Just like Youtube, There are many artists who post their music in Soundcloud for us to use in your vlogs and video. Only thing they ask of you is to give the artists a credit for the song. Here are few of my favorites:


ccMixter is a music site where you can find tons of Creative Common licensed music. Creative Common Licensed music just mean you are given right to use it in your video long as it is used in non-commercial video. Some creative commons licenses may require that you give credit to the source within your video.


Incompetech is one popular place to download great royalty free music. The site was created by composer Kevin MacLeod and has tons of music. All he ask of you is to give him credit within the video.

Moby Gratis

Well-known artist name Moby has a website setup where you can use his music in your vlog and video. Check out Moby Gratis. The music is free to use, provided your film is non-commercial or non-profit. Login required.

FreeSoundTrack Music

ALL Tracks in FreeSoundTrack Music website are available for royalty-free use YouTube videos.The recordings labeled as “FREE” can be used without any payment of licensing fees provided that the composer and the URL (web address) of this web site are included in the “credits” section of your production as described in the licensing terms.


PacDV offers free music and sound effects. All they ask is that if you use their tracks you link back to their site or list them in your credits.

Public Domain 4U

Public Domain 4U has larget collection of Public domain music. Public domain music means that there are no longer any intellectual property rights attached to them.  Another words, nobody really owns the music. A lot of the music is old, but you can find some hidden gems here.

Josh Woodward

All of the music from JoshWoodward.com is original music that are licensed as Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution. That means you can use it in your projects with a single small requirement: you need to give him in the credits.

Free Music Archive

All music you’ll find in Free Music Archive is free, meaning that it is available for you to download at no cost. All the music are licensed under Creative Commons license.


Audionautix has tones of free music you can use in Youtube.  These are Youtube friendly music.  Another words, YouTube will not silence or remove your video even if some unscrupulous party claims the music as theirs.

Jimmy Gelhaar

Jimmy Gelhaar is a composer and he has collection of music you can download for your vlog.  Music is free to use long as it is non-commercial use.

Purple Planet

All the music on Purple Planet can be downloaded instantly and used free of charge for your vlog and video in exchange for a link to their site.


Jamendo is community of independent musicians.  You can download their music for free and use it in your vlog and video long as it’s not commercial use.


You can use free music from Bensound under the Creative Commons License in your multimedia project (online videos, websites, animations, etc.) as long as you credit him with a link to the Website.


Jukedeck lets you create your own unique tracks to use in your videos, games, or anything else you’re making. Every track you make is unique and completely royalty-free. A royalty-free licence for commercial or non-commercial use by an individual or a business with fewer than 10 employees.  It’s free if you give them credit.


You can use these free background music tracks from Jewelbeat for YouTube videos, advertising, education, videos, photos…etc.  You only need to provide an active credit link to our website

Go Soundtrack

Enjoy cool royalty free soundtracks from Go Soundtrack for videos, slideshows and any other creative production! Different styles, atmospheres and instruments are ready to enrich your videos!

Natentine Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free licensed music website run by Marwan Nimra. Natentine.com

Free Sound Effects

Last Tip

I really recommend you to think about finding other independent artists to work with.  One of the benefit of it is that you can get to use unique and original music for your video, at the same time, help the artists to promote their music.  It’s a win-win situation.

Ultimate Resource for Free Music for your vlog

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