Smooth 4 is latest smart phone camera stabilizer by Zhiyun.  Smooth 4 has so many different features that will make your video look amazing and professional looking.

The price has come down a lot and anyone can purchase this device and take your video production to next level.

At first, it looks pretty intimidating, but it is actually very easy to use.  Simply, Smooth 4 is a bluetooth device that connects to your smart phone and it runs its own app to shoot videos.  Smooth 4 app is video recording software that is packed with different features.  Once connected to your phone, Smooth 4 device is able to control the app using the controllers on the device, so you don’t have to touch the phone while shooting.

Smooth 4 is compatible with pretty much all the smartphones out there. But if you have some obscure smartphone, be sure to check with Zhiyun to make sure it is compatible.

Some of the basic features include:

  • Pan Follow mode is design to shoot side-to-side as you pan side-to-side
  • Lock mode is designed to shoot straight forward, backward, or side
  • PhoneGo mode is design to quickly switch back and forth between different subjects.
  • Full Follow mode is deign to shoot side-to-side and up-and-down

Plus there are addition features include:

  • Slow-motion
  • Object tracking
  • Time laps and motion time laps
  • Focus Pull & Zoom Capability
  • Vertigo shots
  • and more…

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Smooth 4 Smartphone Stabilizer by Zhiyun Review

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