Facebook group is great place to promote your Youtube videos.  There are many different Facebook groups in many different topics.  You can probably find a group related to any topics you can think of.  By joining these groups, you can share your videos to the group members and get more views.

What is your video about?

First, you need to know what your video is about.  Key is to promote each of your video separately because each video is different.   Take the video you want to promote and think about all the different topics it covers.  For example, if you have travel vlog of your family going to Disneyland, some of the possible topics might be 1) family, 2) travel, 3) anything Disneyland related, 4) kids, and 5) family vacation, etc. More different topics you can come with, better it is.

Find a Facebook Group relating to your video

Now search Facebook for different Facebook group that covers the topics you came up with.  From the above example, you’ll be looking for Facebook group relating to 1) family, 2) travel, 3) anything Disneyland related, 4) family vacation, etc.

You can even search for Facebook Group using Google.  For example, if you want to search for Facebook group relating to travel, just search by typing “Facebook Group Travel” on Google search box.

Once you find the groups, join the group.  It might take few days for the Group Admin to get the request and let you join the group.

Be sure to look for group with lots of members.  You can even join more than one group relating to your topics.

It is important that you read the group rules before you post anything.  In some groups, posting a link of your video is not allowed.  So you can get banned by posting your video.  So just make sure you know the rules for each group before you post anything.

Join Facebook Vlog/Youtuber groups

There are already many Facebook groups dedicated to helping Youtuber to promote and grow their channel.  You can always look for these type of groups and join them.  For example, New Youtuber Support Group is great place to ask question and get help when you first starting out as a Youtuber.

Again, read the group rules carefully.  Each group has different rules.

There are some groups which sole purpose is to share your video links.  These type of groups are very convenient, but you’ll quickly find that this might not be the best way to promote your video because there are too many people who are posting their own videos and no one is really watching your videos.

In some groups, each Youtuber share their videos, at the same time, commit to watch other videos to help each others out.

So spend some time to look for different Facebook groups and see if it is right for you.

Here are some example of Facebook groups relating to vlogging and Youtube:

Start your own Facebook group

If you can’t find a Facebook group that you are interested in, why not create your own group?  Creating a group and growing it isn’t easy.  But having your own group can be a great resource to promote and grow your channel because it is your group and you make your own rules.  Here are some of tips you should consider when you decide to create your own group.

1. Group needs to be unique and specific

Your Facebook group needs to be unique.  If there are other group that has same topic and interest, it is not going to work.  Before you create your group, search the Facebook to see if there is any other group with same interest.

The group you are thinking about creating has to be something you are interested in or has some experience with.  This is very important because when you first create your own group, you are the one that needs to be actively helping people and being a userful resources to other members.

2. Know your potential members

Who are the potential members of your group?  This is something you need to think about before creating a group.  It is better to target specific group of people.  For example, if you are considering creating a travelers group, consider more specific group of travelers such as single mom travel group, or single mom European travel group.  In this way, you know exactly who the potential members are.

3. Find where potential members are and recruiter them

Once you know who the potential members are, find out where they hang out and recruit them.  Tell them about the group and invite then to join the group.  You can join other Facebook groups and recruit them and look for them in many different social medias.  Youtube is also group place to recruit.  Look for videos that is relate to your topic and post the comments to tell them about your group.

Once they join the group, you have to engage with them and be useful to them.  Basically, you have to give them reason to join.

This is lots of work, but this is something you need to do initially. Because nobody knows about the group, so you have to go to them to recruit.   But once the group is big enough, people will find the group and ask to join.

4. Ask your friends to help out and join

If you have some friends, ask them to join the group even if they are passionate about the topic.  It is better to have some members in the group to starting out instead of just one person.

5. Set rules and closely monitor the group

It is not necessary to set a rule in the beginning, but once you start having active members in the group, you need to start thinking about setting some rules.  The rules are there to control the members because there will be members who like to spam and do things that aren’t best for the group.

You need to constantly monitor what is being said and all the posts.  You need to constantly block those who is causing problems.  Also when you see new problem arise, you can update the rules to deal with the new problems.

Once the group gets bigger, it truly run itself.  But you can also reciting other members to help out with the group by making them admin.

How to promote your video in Facebook Group

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