There are many ways to make money from your Youtube videos. Sure, if you have millions subscribers, it will be very easy to make money from you videos.  But I am assuming most of you don’t have millions subscribers.  In fact, you probably are struggling to get subscribers for your channel.  But don’t fret.  There are two ways to make money from your videos without having millions subscribers. These methods are 1) Google Adsense and 2) Amazon Affiliate.  We will be talking about these two methods so you can implement it on your Youtube videos so that you can start making money right away.

Monetizing your video with Google Adsense

Most simplest way to make money is turning on Monetization on your videos.  It basically puts on ads on your videos and when someone clicks on it, you earn some money.  In order to set it up, you first needs account with Google Adsense which you can signup for free. It is very easy to set up. You can signup for Adsense here: (‎).  Here is the instruction on how to turn on the Youtube monetization: (

Amount of money you are going to make is all depends on how many people will be viewing your video.  If no one is viewing your videos, you probably won’t make any money from it.  More views you have, more chance of viewers clicking on your the ads.  Also having lots of video in your channels helps.  But even if you have thousands of views on your video, you probably can’t quiet your day job. But it is some thing you should think about when you upload your videos.   Even though you can’t retire from this, it is better than nothing, right?

There is also way to optimize each video so it will rank higher on Youtube search. Don’t forget, Youtube is also search engine and people search for things all the time in Youtube.  So if your video ranks high on certain search keyword, you have better chance of getting more viewers.  More viewers, better chance of you getting money from your ads. This is whole another topic and we can talk more about this in later post.

Monetizing your video with Amazon Affiliate

Another way to make money right away is using Amazon Affiliate program.  The idea is creating a video promoting or reviewing a product and put a Amazon affiliate link in your video description for that product.   If the viewers view the video, click on the link, and buy the product, you get a commission.  It might be a lot of work to create a review video, but once you have the video with the link, you can just leave it alone and let the video generate commission automatically on it’s own.

Just like Adsense method above, it is not guarantee you will make lots of money and you get to retire early from your job.  It is all depends on how good the video is and how many people are searching to find more about the product.  If you review a product that no one wants, you probably not going to get too many views, thus you probably won’t see any commission from it.  So the idea is to create a review video for the very popular product that many people are searching for it.   One thing that I like about Amazon Affiliate program is that, the user don’t have to buy the product you are promoting.  If they click on your link within 24 hours buy something else, you’ll still get credit for that purchase.

Signing up for Amazon Affiliate is free and very easy to do.  Many other affiliate programs are very picky and don’t let anyone into the program without owning a website. But Amazon affiliate pretty much let anyone in the program if you signup. Down side is that commission rate is pretty low.  It is about 3-4% starting out.  So if you are serious about making money, you need to take time to create a good videos with lots of good information.  So that you have good chance to get commission.  Here is example of my most popular review video:

So far I have made 4 review videos with Amazon Affiliate link.  Just to test, I reviewed all the new products I bought recently and been using it regularly.   So I know about the product very well so I could create a video with lots of good information for the viewers.  It does work.  So far, I am making 1-2 sales per week. I am also getting sales of product that isn’t related to the video too.  Even though it isn’t much money, I saw that this concept really works.  So if you are already a content creator, this is something you might want to implement.  So here are the strategy:

The Strategy

  1. Look around the house and see if you have product that you like. Search on Amazon if the same product is available to buy.
  2. Create a video talking about the product.  Talk about specific things about the product. What you like it about it.  What you don’t like it about it.  How to use certain features.  etc..  Make the video short and entertaining.
  3. Assume that you already have account setup with Amazon Affiliate.  If you don’t, you can sign up here. (
  4. Find the product in Amazon affiliate website and get the affiliate link for the product.  Make sure you use URL shortener such as Google URL shortener ( to shorten the URL because affiliate link is long and ugly.  Put the detail description of the product on video description section.  Make sure you put the affiliate link first line in your description, so that it will catch viewers eye right away.
  5. After video is uploaded, do some quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your video, so that it will stay in first page of Youtube search on keyword you are targeting.  Youtube SEO is much easier then Google SEO, so it is not difficult as you think.  Youtube SEO is whole another blog post, but there are many free information that out there if you search for it.

Tips for making review video

  • Have in mind that the audience of the video are those how want to find more about the product before they buy the product.  So ask yourself what would I want to know more about the product if don’t know anything about the product.
  • Make the video short and to the point.  Avoid having long intro.
  • Add background music to make the video pleasant to view.  Make sure you make the volume low.
  • Make sure you shoot the video in bright lidded room.  Avoid shooting outside.
  • It is good idea to include unboxing of the product.  Many viewers like to see what’s inside the box.
  • Make sure you have closeup of the product in the video.
  • Make sure the audio is good.  Be sure to use good mic to record your voice. If you user find out you can’t really hear you, they will move on right away.
  • Tell the viewers in your own word, honestly, what you think about the product.
  • If you can show users how to use the product, do it.
  • If the product is digital product, use screen-capture program to make the video.
  • Write down things you want to say in the video.  Organize your thought before you shoot.
  • Use tripod.  Don’t let the camera move around too much.
  • When you shoot the video, shoot the video of you talking first, so that you get the good audio.  Then shoot the separate video of the products, and video of how to use the product.  Add those videos later in the editing software to the video of you talking.

Good luck and have fun with it!

How to Make Money on Youtube Right Away

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