Lighting is most important components of making good quality video.  There are many lighting options out there.  One of the option is 3-points lighting system.  One company that makes very affordable lighting is Limostudio.  In this post, we’ll be reviewing Photo Portrait Studio by Limostudio.

What is 3-points lighting?

3-point light uses 3 light bulbs to light the subject.  First light bulb lights the left side of the subject. It’s called Key Light. Second light bulb lights right side of the subject.  It’s called Fill Light.  Third light bulb lights, which is also called Back Light, lights the back of the subject which eliminates the shadow and highlight the subject.

How to setup 3-point lights

There different ways to setup your 3-point lighting using Photo portrait studio.  The purpose of the umbrella is to make the light softer, so it won’t look too harsh on the subject.  So it is up to you to figure how you can effectively use the umbrella to soften the lights.

1. You can setup your 2 front light bulbs away from the subject and let the light deflect off the umbrella.

2. You can setup so that the light bulb shine through the deflector umbrella.

3. Or you can just use it without umbrella at all.  The light might be bit harsh but maybe this is what you are looking for.  Again, it is up to you to find the best solution for what you are trying to do.

As for the back light, there are two ways to set it up.

1. First way is to setup your back light away from the subject and point to the back wall.

2. Other way to setup the back light is point straight to the subject from behind.

The point is to try different setups and see what works best for you.

Photo Portrait Studio by Limostudio Review

Photo Portrait Studio by Limostudio is great product if you are looking to setup your own 3-point lighting to shoot your videos or even portrait photographs.

Photo Portrait Studio by Limostudio comes with everything you need to setup your own 3-point lighting.  It comes with three 45W CFL Bulbs, two 86-inch Light Stands for key light and fill light, one 28-inch Light Stand for your back light, two 33-inch Umbrella Reflectors, and the carrying bags for all the lights and accessories.

The price is very affable.  Currently, you can purchase it under $50 at Amazon.

But the best part is the customer service.  When I received the product, one of the light didn’t work, so I contacted the customer service email, and few days later, I received the replacement light bulb.  Yes, included in the package is the customer service contact information, so if there is a problem with the product, you can contact them.

How to light your vlog (Photo portrait studio by Limostudio Review)

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