If you have GoPro camera, it is imperative that you have some kind of mount for your GoPro.  The whole purpose of Gopro is to film you doing stuff which mean you have to attached to something.

There are many GoPro mounts on the market, but one mount package that I like it by HSU.  HSU is company that specializes in action camera accessories.  HSU has many different GoPro mounts and accessories sold in Amazon.  One particular GoPro mount package that I like is sold under $25 in Amazon and it comes with essential GoPro mounts and a hardshell case.

This GoPro mount package comes with floating water-grip, suction cup mount, head mount, chest mount, and helmet mounts.  These mounts are all compatible with pretty much all version of GoPro camera.  I have test GoPro 1, GoPro 3, and GoPro 5 and they all work well with this mounts.

Floating water-grip

Floating water-grip is something you need to have when you film in or around the water. If you accidentally drop your GoPro camera, it will sink to the bottom.  But with the floating water-grip, it will float and you can easily retrieve your camera.  Also it has nice fat hand grip you can grab on to when you shoot in the water.

Suction cup mount

With suction-cup mount, you can stick it on anywhere with smooth surface such as on the winshield of your car, or even on the surface of the car.  It sticks very well and can handle good amount of wind pressure.  But be sure to wipe the surface clean and make sure the surface is flat before you stick it on.

Head mount

You can stick your GoPro camera using head mount, so it will shoot anything you see.  When you mount the camera on your head, you have your hands free to do other things.

Chest mount

With chest mount, you can stick your GoPro camera on your chest.  Difference between chest mount and head mount is that chest mount shoot straight ahead whereas head mount shoots whatever you see.  So it gives you different shooting angles.  You can experience with head mount and chest mount to see which works best for you for the shots you are looking for.

Helmet mounts

This GoPro mount package comes with 4 helmet mounts, two curvy mounts and two straight mounts.  You can put the helmet mount on a helmet so you can mount your GoPro on it.  Just plan ahead before you stick on the helmet mount, because it is permanent.

Hardshell case

Best part about this GoPro mount package is the hardshell case.  It is well made case with large pocket inside. It has two zippers on each side with small keychain latch.  It has customizeable foam inside where you can put your different cameras and other accessories for you to carry with.

HSU GoPro Mounts and Case Review

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