I know many Youtubers put their social media and contact information on each of their video description.  But what if you need to change your contact or social media information.  What if you have hundreds of videos.  It would be very daunting task to go through each video and change your contact or social media information.  What if I tell you, you can edit your video description more and one video at a time.  In this post, I’ll show you how to do that.  This can save you so much time.

First you have to go to your Youtube Studio.  If you don’t know how to get there, all you have to do is click on  your logo on top right corner of your channel and look for Youtbue Studio option.

Once you are in Youtube Studio, go to CONTENT.  CONTENT option is in your left column.

To edit video more and one, you can click on the check box in front of each video.  If you click on top check box, it will mark all the videos in your channel.  So click on the all the videos you want to edit.

Once you click on EDIT check box, new menu appears on top.  If you click on EDIT menu, you get option to choose what to edit.

In this example, I will be editing DESCRIPTION.  But you noticed that you can edit other things besides DESCRIPTION such as TAG.  So later on, this is something you should explore and test to see what other things you can edit that can make your life easier.

There is four types of EDIT.

  1. Insert at beginning – you can insert a text beginning of description on every video.
  2. Insert at the end – you can insert a text end of description on every video.
  3. Replace all – you can delete current description and replace with a text on every video
  4. Remove – you can remove certain text from the description on every video.

Choose the Edit type that applies to you and write a text on text box on the right.  When you are done, click on UPDATE button on top.

That is it.  Once it updates it, you can click on each video to verify that edit has been made.  It is that simple.  This type of multiple video editing can save your time greatly.  When you are doing this for the first time, take your time to test it out in few of your videos to get used to how this is gone.

How to edit more than one Youtube videos at the same time

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