So you started a Youtube channel and now you want create another channel.  What do you do?  Adding another channel is easist thing you can do.  Conveniently, you can use the existing Youtube account to add another channel, so you don’t have to start all over again.

When you create your first Youtube account, you required to signup with your email address.  Conveniently, You can add more Youtube channels using your same email address. This makes it very easy to add more channels, and you don’t have to come up with another email address.

How to add another Youtube channel

First, go to Youtube setting for you Youtube account.  Easiest way to get to your Youtube Setting page is to click on your icon on top corner of you Youtube.

How to add another Youtube Channel-01

On Overview section, there is link on the bottom called “See all my channels or create a new channel”.  Click on it.

How to add another Youtube Channel-02

Here you see list of all your channels tied to your email.  As you can see you can have more then one Youtube channel under the same email.  In order to create a new account, click on “Create a new channel”.

How to add another Youtube Channel-03

This is where you get to put name of your channel and type of channel.  Don’t forget to check “agree to the Page terms”, and click done when you are finished.

How to add another Youtube Channel-04

You are all done.  Next part is where you customize your Youtube channel by adding your profile pictures, description, and channel art.

How to add another Youtube Channel to existing Youtube Channel

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