If you vlogger a lot, you might find yourself vlogging in public many times.  I know many vloggers are not really comfortable vlogging in public.  So here are 5 tips to help you vlogging in public.

1. Just do it

Sounds very simple, but many times, you just have to do it.  Many times, we feel uncomfortable vlogging in public because we are not used to it.  Only way to get used to idea of vlogging in public is just doing it over and over again.  Do it over and over again until it feels natural to you.  As you know, only way to really overcome your fear is to face your fear.  So just do it!

2. People don’t care

Many times, we feel uncomfortable vlogging in public because you feel like people are watching you and looking at you funny.  But many times, this is just in your head.  The fact is that people really don’t care what you do.

Obvious, if you make a scene and act strange in public, people will noticed you.  But if you just quietly, talk to your camera, people usually don’t care.  Specially, now days where talking to your phone or camera is becoming very normal thing to do.

Bottom line is that most people are busy with their life and their problems.  So last thing on their mind is you talking to your camera in public.  So get this mind set out of your head.

3. Find a quiet place

When you starting out, try to find a quiet place to vlog in public.  It would be less distracting and you can hear yourself better in the video.  But most importantly, you’ll have more confidence.

But some times, it is difficult to find a quiet place.  If that is case, find a quiet time of the day to vlog.  Some time, you just have to wait  a few minuets for public to thin out.  You just have to do your best.

4. Be bold

People tend to be more passive and timid when vlog in public.  This is because they feel uncomfortable and lose confidence.  Make an extra effort to be more confidence and bold when you are vlogging in public.   Your passiveness and timidness show right through your video.  Being bold in the public takes lots to practice.  It might takes some time for you to be bold in the public.  Going back to the first point, you just have to do it.

5. Keep it short

Before you vlog in the public, think about what you are going to say before hand. Once the camera is recording, get to the point and be done with it.  There is no point mumbling in the camera for long time in public.  This would be less distracting around the public.

6. Opportunity to promote your video

When people do look at you funny, use the opportunity to let them know what you are doing, and promote your channel.  There is good chance that they might actually look you up in Youtube and even subscribe to your channel.  To make things easier, make a business card that you can pass out to others.  You can even be more creative and wear custom T-shirt promoting your channel.  Also it is good way to make new friends.

6 Tips for Vlogging in Public

2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Vlogging in Public

  • February 25, 2019 at 7:54 am

    No one starts a vlog with a ready-made following of 1,000,000 enthusiastic fans, so you’ve got to put some work into promotion before you’ll see results. If you already have an established readership on your blog, you’ve got a head start. Utilise the readers who already know and love your blog by promoting your vlog on social media, write about it on your blog and newsletter and also consider adding a YouTube social media icon to your sidebar. Hopefully, this has helped you to decide where to start with your vlogging venture. Do you have any tips for first-time vloggers? Share your experiences with us.

  • April 24, 2019 at 2:29 am

    Thank you for the practical tips! 🙂


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