You want to start a Youtube channel but don’t know where to start? You are in a right place.

1. Life Hack Tutorial

According to Youtube search result, life hack tutorial video is most valuable and popular.  Creating a life hack tutorial video is very easily.  All you need is a great ideas.  But there are already many different life hack tutorial videos are out there, so trying to come up with very useful and simple hack from you area of expertise.  Also you can even take other’s life hack tutorial and make it even better.

2. Tech Tips

If you like technology, Tech Tips Channel can be very fun and rewarding.  Everyone loves new technology and they want to learn about new things that is out there on the market.  Technology channel is very popular and you can easily get new subscribers if you can consistently upload new videos.  If you are already buying new tech products and working with different technologies, this is great place to start.

3. Make up Tips

Youtube channels about beauty and makeup tutorials are always been popular among the ladies, and 2018 isn’t any different. But beauty and make up videos are very saturated field and you have come up with some thing bit different to stand out from the rest.  In order to stand out from the rest, trying mix makeup tutorial with different genre for style. For example, you can mix makeup tutorial vieo with comedy elements, or making a makeup video by traveling all over the world.  The possibilities are endless.

4. Travel Vlog

Travel videos continue to be popular because everyone loves traveling but many just can’t able travel because of the their busy schedule.  So many likes to just watch other people travel.  You don’t have to be full time traveler to make travel vlog.  Any time, you are vacationing somewhere, bring your camera and document your trip, and share them with the world.  Start with your county and city you are in, and slowly explore different places outwards.

5. Funny videos

Everyone loves a good laugh.  Keep your camera near by to capture any funny moments.  But you can also create funny videos such as telling funny jokes, funny skits, and stage a pranks.

6. Dare video

Many people like to watch people doing stupid things.  Unfortunately, more dangerous and stupid it is, more chance of going viral.  Obviously, it is not worth getting in trouble or put yourself and others in danger for a viral video.  Besides there are already tones of video dare videos and video of people going stupid things.  You need to find balance between being original and creative without getting hurt or getting in trouble.

7. Late news and views

After Trump because president, the news and opinion videos are off the chart.  Just be careful not to report fake and false news and information.  Be sure to do your research before you report and facts or news.  Before you invest your time to create political opinion videos, just be aware of the that there have been report that some of the political opinion videos are being censored and getting demonetized.

8. Cooking Tips and Tutorials

More and more people are learning to cook from Youtube.  This is great opportunity to teach others about cooking.  If know how to cook well and able to cook something different, it is great opportunity for you to share it with other by creating a video.

9. How to make money

Money talks.  Everyone wants to know how to make money.  If you are successful business person or entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to show others how to be successful.  But be aware Youtube are saturated with “how to make money” videos and most of them are useless and junk because making money are not easy to do.  So if you are already successful and already making money in your niche, it would be easier for you to stand out from the rest.  These type of videos are also starting point for you to make more money by showing others how to make money.

9 Youtube channel ideas

2 thoughts on “9 Youtube channel ideas

  • August 16, 2018 at 6:35 pm

    Travel vlog is good idea but can you please tell me how to start travel vlog?

    • August 16, 2018 at 8:31 pm

      all you do is when you are traveling somewhere, bring your camera, or your smartphone and start documenting everything you do. Makes sure your shots are steady. Avoid walking shots. Use tripod if you have to. if you can talk about where you are and what you are doing in the camera, it would be even better. When you get home, start putting together these videos clips into a long video that other can enjoy.


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