Before you decided to start a vlog, it is important to figure out what kind of vlog you are going to create.  It is important because you want to target certain type of audience to your channel.  Of course, you don’t have to stick to one type of vlog.  You can easily mix with different types of vlog and see what works for you. But it is idea to have central theme of what your channel is all about.

If you are not sure what type of vlog you are going to create, you can always check out some of the popular Youtubers and how are they are doing it.  By looking at the successful vloggers and Youtubers, you’ll get some ideas what types of video you are going to create for your channel.

Followings are different types of popular vlogs and example of popular Youtubers who are dominating this field.

1. Review & Unboxing Products

Before people buys stuff, they want to know more about the product.  Also people like to see what is inside the packing before buying the product. Basically, you are providing that service.  If you can create a very informative and honest review of the product, this type of video do well.

2. Pranks and Comedy

Everyone loves to see good prank on Youtube.  Prank and comedy videos are very popular.  When viewers like the video, the tend to share with others, so it is potential to go viral. But it is easy to make.  For good comedy, you have to have that personality.  For good prank video, there are lots of prepping requires.

3. Beauty / Fashion / Fitness

People likes to look beautiful, fit, healthy.  It is one of the biggest market for different types of products.  As a Youtuber, you are targeting this market.  When you want to start this type of video, you have to know what you are doing.  Idea is to for you to be already beautiful, fit and healthy, so you can share it with others.

4. How to / Education

When people wants to learn something, they go to Youtube for help.  You are providing the service. If you can make a video showing how to do certain things, viewers can find you through Youtube search engine.  Just like any other video, if your video is very helpful, it will get lots of views.  Education video usually watched over and over again by the viewers so it can be very help for your view count.

5. Life Style Vlog

Life style vlog is showcasing your everyday life to the Youtube world.  Basically, you are doing video diary and showing the world.  The frequency of the vlogs can vary.  Vlog is typically authentic and  unscripted.  It is better if your live is unique and interesting, but not necessary.  You can entertain people by good editing and some creativity.  Someone in the other parts of the world can find you interesting.

6. Gamer

Video games and game platform is another big market.  You are tapping the market by capturing you playhing the game.  Game channel focuses on gaming, gaming lifestyle culture. Gaming video includes Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, machinimas, and reviews of new games or gaming product. If you are true gamer, they like to see other play the game in Youtube.  Gaming channel is very competitive because there are lots of gaming channels out there.  Because it is easy to setup and create the video.  So you have to be very good at the game or bring some interesting take on the game to be successful.

7.  Movie / TV / Book Reviews

People like read reviews before they watch the movie, TV, or a book.   Many people search for movie, TV, or book review all the time in Youtube.  You are providing the service.  If your review is very insightful and insteresting, viewers can easily find your video using Youtube search.

8. Travel

Everyone loves to travel but many can’t because of time or money.  So they like to watch other video different places.  If you are traveler, you can document your journal and share it with others.

9. Pop Culture / Gossips

Celebrity gossips and pop culture commentary is very popular type of vlog.  Many people are interesting in what you have to say about the latest celebrity controversies and news.  If you are already following on celebrity gossips and pop culture, this type of video maybe for you.

10. Click Baits

Clickbait is a term for Youtube videos whose main goal is to get users to click on a video. This is especially done at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on catchy headlines or eye-catching thumbnail pictures. Purpose of clickbait video is to create curiosity from the viewers so they’ll click on the video and watch the video. I don’t recommend creator to mislead viewers because there is possibility for you to get penalize by Youtube.  But you can always find what is trending at the moment and create a video dealing with the topic.  

10 different popular types of vlogs

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