why did i start vlogging1

Hello my name is Sam.  I never ever thought in my life i’ll be vlogging.  I was first a musician.  I love music, but later in my life, I started to dabble with video editing and Youtube.  At first, it was to shoot music video for myself.  But I learned about video production and video editing, more I find myself enjoying the process.

Thought about vlogging started after I got married.  My wife brought an idea about vlogging to documenting our life together.  That is when the seed planted in my head.  But there is a problem. Being in front of camera and talking frightens me.  It is one of my darkest fear. When I was growing up, not only I didn’t like how I look in front of camera, I really didn’t like how I sound.  I would do whatever I can do avoid being the camera and talking.  This trend continue to as I transition into adulthood.  But when I started to get interested about online business, I realized that this is something I have to deal with. This means I have to overcome my scopophobia.

What really motivated me to overcome my scopophobia was learning about Pat Flynn’s experience. Those of you who don’t know Pay Flynn is, he is very successful online business entrepreneur.  He talked about in this blog and podcast about how he had to overcome his fear of public speaking and being in front of video.  He has assured me that this is something I can learn to do and just like anything else, you just have to bite the bullet and just do it.  So I had no choice to but to push forward with this.  Since I am already getting comfortable with video editing, my next step is to be in front of camera and start talking.  Doing weekly VLOG is great opportunity for me to get used to over my scophophobia.

Not only VLOG is perfect platform for me to face my fear, it is great platform for me to exploring new way to be creative.  Weekly VLOG will force me to be creative by making new videos every week. Since there won’t a big audience in the beginning, there won’t be any pressure.  I can let myself go and start taking many creative risks.

But most importantly, I am planning to explore Youtube to see if I can use it in my online business I am thinking about starting soon.  Youtube is now second biggest search engine next to Google. But now Youtube and Google are same company, it is even bigger.   Over 400 hours of video is uploaded to the site per minute.  That is why Youtube continues to be a big part of online marketing platform and you will be foolish not to tap into this if you are in the online business space.  While back, I wrote a post about taking advantage of unfair advantage.   Briefly unfair advantage is skill sets or advantages that you have that will give you head start from others.  I really feel like I have big advantage.  I am getting very comfortable creating videos, and I am started to get used to how Youtube work.  Not only I can be very creative on all the videos I make, I enjoy doing it. My plan is to make each video very entertaining and well produced video.

Consistency is big part of success in vlogging world.  I know some people create video daily.  But I think daily video will be too much. I don’t want vlog to take over life, and I am not sure if I have enough interesting things to talk about in the video everyday.  I am thinking about creative video once a week.  That already be a handful.  My wife and I, we always go out and doing things, so I am thinking about creating a VLOG about our adventure.

I am not sure how this will turn out, but I know it will be good experience for us.  I know it isn’t going to be easy, but my goal is to growing my audiences much as I can.  There is nothing for me to loose. Even if all fails, I have many video footage of our life for us to treasure.  So come check out our vlog!